This is the milestone to reach to have a great marriage


It does get easier and better if you can just hit this mark …

Despite all the beauty and joy surrounding the sacrament of holy matrimony, marriage is often a frustrating series of disagreements, leaving spouses to wonder if it ever gets easier. Thankfully, the University of California at Berkeley has some good news for newly married couples who find themselves frequently at odds with each other: it does get easier and more enjoyable. As StudyFinds explains, the university found after an extensive study that, “As wives and husbands age, their negativity toward one another fades. Those married longer than 35 years showed more tenderness than younger couples.”

Psychology professor at UC Berkeley and senior author of the study Robert Levenson and his team monitored almost 90 couples of various ages over the course of 13 years. They conducted interviews, asking the couples to discuss areas such as conflicts that arose, and then analyzing their body language and conversation styles. Their research showed that emotional behavior from one spouse toward another became more positive over time. “In particular, the spouses exhibited more humor and affection and cut back on the amount of criticism and defensiveness they showed [earlier in their marriage].”

Alice Verstaen, co-author of the study, noted that due to the connections science has found between positive emotions and good health, the study’s results are good news on several fronts. “[These] findings underscore the importance of intimate relationships as people age, and the potential health benefits associated with marriage.”

More than anything, the study serves as much needed encouragement for struggling young couples: it does get easier and it does get better. Time is on our side.
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