Watch this 11-month-old baby hear her sister’s voice for the first time (Video)


The gift of hearing proves too much for this beautiful baby; she just can’t stop laughing.

When Scarlet Benjamin was born three months before full term, the diminutive little bundle from Georgia weighed in at just 2 pounds and 13 oz. Fox 4 reports that after one week she picked up the disease necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which necessitates specific antibiotics that can lead to hearing loss in young babies.

Sadly, Scarlet did lose her hearing, but the tiny baby managed to beat the disease and now, eight months after regular visits to the audiologist at Atlanta Hearing Associates in Midgeville, the 11-month-old is finally able to hear. Luckily, mom Carol Benjamin shared the results for us all to watch on Facebook. If you click on the video below you’ll experience the infectious joy of Scarlet listening to her big sister and her mom — as well as her own voice! — for the first time. Carol described the event as “such a blessing.” The delight and laughter of both sisters will leave you smiling all day long — you might even want to turn up the sound!

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