A teacher’s prayer to St. John Bosco, patron of school children

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Invoke the heavenly aid of a saint who spent his life educating children in the ways of God.

Teaching children, whether it is in a public, private, or home school, is a difficult profession. It’s not easy to juggle the various particular needs and learning abilities of each child, and often leaves the teacher feeling exhausted.

This is something that St. John Bosco understood well, as he poured out his every ounce of energy into educating children along the path of virtue. He knew that it wasn’t simply teaching them a list of facts, but leading them to be virtuous human beings.

When a teacher needs some extra heavenly help, he or she can turn to St. John Bosco, a powerful intercessor for all those in the field of education.

St. John Bosco
Friend of the young,
Teacher in the ways of God,
Your dedication to empowering the needy inspires us still.
Help me to work for a better world,
where the young are given the chance to flourish,
where the poor’s dream for justice can come true,
and where God’s compassion is shown to be real.
Intercede for me as I bring my needs to you and to
our heavenly Mother, the Help of Christians.

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