16 Inspirational quotes that celebrate married love


In preparation of St. Valentine’s Day, here are some thoughts to consider about the true value of spousal love.

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and for all its association with romantic love it actually marks the feast day of the 3rd-century bishop and martyr, Valentine. Legend has it that Valentine secretly witnessed marriages so that husbands could avoid being sent off to war. He would then give the new spouse a paper heart to remind him of his marriage vows and God’s love. So Valentine’s Day is very much a celebration of married love.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share some quotes that celebrate the beauty of marriage, and the unique love a couple has for each other. These quotes from saints, literary giants, and scripture all share the resounding message that while marriage takes work and devotion, the love between a couple can grow over time and bring them closer to God.









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