This young cafe owner is reaching out to foster kids aging out of the system


This inspiring entrepreneur is using his business for the good of the most vulnerable in his community.

Francois Reihani is a kind-hearted restaurant owner who is about to open his third venture, La La Land Kind Cafe in Dallas.  Yet what is remarkable about this 23-year-old entrepreneur is that his latest cafe is focusing not just on turning a profit, but also on helping out those in need.

The cafe is going to truly live up to its name by reaching out to young adults in need of a helping hand. Reihani wants to give jobs to kids who’ve grown out of the foster system but are still in need of guidance and support. He intends offering a decent wage of $12 an hour — that’s more than the minimum wage — to unemployed 17- to 23-year-olds with the help of CitySquare, an organization in Dallas that tries to fight poverty. In return the new employees will learn the skills of a barista, a cashier, and even a chef.

However, Reihani is taking his role as boss to another level by offering these vulnerable adolescents a chance to attend therapy and also to help out in the community, giving them the most essential lesson of looking out for others. With the care and guidance of Reihani, these youngsters will not only be able to have a better start in life, they’ll also know that they are valued, and not alone.

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