6 Films that show the beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral


Although terribly damaged now, you can see the beauty of the historic French cathedral in a number of hit films.

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It’s been over two weeks since we saw Notre Dame go up in flames. While we’re now faced with the realization that it will never be the same — and the iconic spire is no more — there are movies that show the beloved cathedral in all its former glory: animated, replicated, or in on-location footage. The added bonus is that many of these movies are suitable for the whole family so you can show your kids a piece of history while keeping them entertained.

Although Notre Dame has been featured most heavily in the many versions of The Hunchback of Notre Dame — based on the popular 19th-century novel of the same name by Victor Hugo — there are many films that instead used the splendid Gothic architecture to set the tone of the story.

So while we may be sad that we have lost a piece of 850-year-old history, we can look to these movies and feel grateful that the cathedral’s detailed architecture, complete with gargoyles and stained-glass windows, has been captured on the silver screen.


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