12 Faces and 12 short stories from the Holy Land


The Holy Land is wider, bigger, and deeper than one thinks.

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The Holy Land, our guide tells us, goes all the way from Egypt, through Jordan, Palestine, and Israel, into Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. “Yes, Israel is the Promised Land of the Jews, but Abraham came from Iraq, and Jesus lived in Egypt, and ministered around Lake Tiberias. Elijah was born in what is now Jordan, and John the Baptist was beheaded here. Everywhere you look in all this land, you will find references to the Scriptures. But also, to universal history. We have been Nabateans, Greek, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs … everything!”

Our guide was right. A first trip to Jordan cannot be but surprising. Each step of the way we find layers over layers of history, culture, adventure, all set in unique landscapes, and the many interwoven stories of those who live there. Their faces, their experiences, their voices, their land, help us understand our faith and our common humanity in unexpected ways.  As St. Francis De Sales once said, “faith is like a bright ray of sunlight. It enables us to see God in all things, as well as all things in God.” Surf through the slideshow below to find twelve short and inspiring stories from the Holy Land.

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