Which saint helps you sell your house?

By baranq | Shutterstock

There are two different saints you might turn to for their powerful intercession.

Selling a house can be a difficult endeavor, and we will often go to great lengths to ensure our house is sold as quickly as possible.

For this reason many Catholics turn to God in their time of need, begging him to lead the right person to buy their house.

One of the most popular saintly intercessors is St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus Christ. Catholics, Protestants, agnostics and even many atheists will turn to St. Joseph for a speedy sale.

The tradition (most often abused in a superstitious way) is to bury a statue of St. Joseph in your yard and then begin praying a novena to the saint. While its difficult to trace the origins of this custom, realtors were ready and willing to embrace it and freely give away plastic statues, regardless of their religion.

One of the main reasons why St. Joseph is invoked is because of his history caring for Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. He was given the task of finding a home for his holy family while in exile in Egypt and was successful in caring for their needs.

Another saint many invoke when trying to sell their home is St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. His association with selling homes is mainly due to his ability to come through for anyone who has a desperate case.

When selling a home is more difficult than usual, St. Jude is the perfect intercessor.

Either way, keep in mind that it is always God who provides a home, though he will often do so through the intercession of a saint. This is one of the many mysteries of God, but one that has been proven time and time again.

As Jesus said, if you have faith the size of a “mustard seed,” nothing will be impossible for you. The more faith we have in God, the more easily we will see his plan work out before our eyes.