Toddler’s love for the Virgin Mary goes viral


As one commenter wrote, “The Blessed Mother speaks to all of us, but in particular to children. She is a mother, after all.”

It’s clear from this viral Facebook video that this little girl already has a special relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Watch to the end, as she can hardly tear herself away, but does it in the most reverent way imaginable. 

Talk about give you chills!!! Watch till the end! I BELIEVE! I believe The Blessed Mother was talking to Emma Jo & Emma Jo was listening! If you see at the end Emma Jo kneels & bows her head then gets up!!By Lisa Ladner

Geplaatst door The Italian American Page op Zaterdag 27 april 2019

In John 19:26, when Jesus said to John, “Behold your mother,” he made all of us her children, with recourse to a mother in heaven to watch over us, intercede for us and protect us from evil. This video reminds us that even the littlest of her children are close to her heart.

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