5 Ways Mark Wahlberg impresses and surprises us

John Gress Media Inc | Shutterstock

The popular actor inspires many with the way he prioritizes faith and family.

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Once known for his rapping, coarse language, violent outbursts and criminal convictions, Mark Wahlberg turned his life around to become a successful Hollywood actor committed to his faith and family. In a celebrity world where many of his peers shy away from talking about their religious convictions, Wahlberg is more than happy to let the world know how important his Catholic faith is to him, as expressed in this Parade interview.

However, perhaps what makes this actor so endearing is that, like all of us, he’s not perfect but he’s trying to put God at the forefront of his daily life. So if you click on the launch slideshow below, you’ll find ways in which Wahlberg surprises and impresses us in a life that has been truly action packed — just like his movies.







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