9 Ways to prepare your child for a new sibling

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Here are some practical and fun ways to start building an early sibling bond.

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If you’re expecting a second, third, or even tenth child, you’ll have the exciting task of letting the older sibling/s know the exciting news. You may want to get through the first few months of pregnancy before making any announcements, but when you do, you need to be prepared for a whole myriad of reactions. Normally the younger the child, the easier it is: speaking in simple terms, using picture books, and having a helpful spouse on hand to help explain the change that’s coming can all help a child get ready for a new addition to the family.

While some kids can’t wait to become a big brother or sister, others may be reticent. Generally speaking though, the more kids that join the family, the fewer issues there are with jealousy. But you can start making this new addition a part of the family long before they make their entrance into the world by following these useful tips aimed at preschoolers and beyond …









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