This prayer can help reignite your love of God

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When your soul feels lukewarm or dried up, try praying this prayer.

Many people experience an initial intense conversion where they feel a deep love of God. However, those feelings of love can quickly die out, and we can begin questioning our own faith, wondering whether it is worth it.

St. Therese of Lisieux, a Carmelite nun of the 19th century, felt similar feelings of doubt. During her life she had many feelings of love for God, but often those feelings would fade away and she would nearly plunge into despair.

The good news is that she recognized the danger she was in and took a different approach to rekindle her love of God. In this passage below, she prays to God and asks him for help. It is a prayer that can help form our own spiritual life, helping us to realize that we can do little things every day that can help reconnect us with God. In many ways it is the little things that matter in life and can help us persevere during a dry spell, keeping our eyes fixed on God in the midst of a spiritual drought.

O Lord, when I feel nothing, when I am incapable of praying or practicing virtue, then is the moment to look for small occasions, nothings, to give You pleasure. For example, a smile, a friendly word, when I should much prefer to say nothing at all or look bored …When I find no occasions, at least I want to keep telling You that I love You; it is not difficult and it keeps the fire of love going; even if that fire were to seem wholly out, I should throw little bits of straw on the ashes, little acts of virtue and of charity; and I am sure that, with Your help, the fire would be enkindled again.