The Washington Nationals’ Anthony Rendon wants “to be more Christian than baseball player”


The All-Star third baseman talks about his faith.

The Washington Nationals found themselves with some free time while the Houston Astros and New York Yankees duked it out for the American League pennant. While fans are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the World Series, some of them pulled up a video from last year, in which All-Star third baseman Anthony Rendon took a moment to talk about his faith.

In the short video from the Instagram of Pastor Gregg Matte, Rendon references the rapper KB, whom Rendon quotes as saying, “They labeled me a Christian rapper, but all I know is I want to be more Christian than rapper.” Rendon expands on this thought, talking about himself he says:

“I want to be known as a Christian baseball player. I’m still trying to grow into that, but in the end I want to be more Christian than baseball player. I was thinking about what he had said and I think if I start saying the word, and surround myself with good people and good community, then I think that would guide me on that path.”

This is not the first time Rendon has expressed his Christian values. In an interview with the Washington Post he revealed that he does not care much for life on the road and would much rather spend his time raising his family. He said:

“Point-blank, I don’t want to raise a family in baseball. Maybe I just want to be normal. I want to go home, be a dad, take them to school. That’s more important to me than baseball.”

The Washington Nationals will play the Houston Astros in Houston in the first game of the World Series, scheduled for Tuesday, October 22.