What is the daily schedule of a parish priest?

Joey Rozier

While schedules vary, there are some essential elements of a priestly schedule that repeat themselves week after week.

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What does a priest do all day? This is a frequent question asked by parishioners, especially if they only see their pastor on Sundays. But parish priests are constantly (and often extremely) busy with various duties throughout the work week, especially considering the fact that many priests in English speaking-countries are given charge of multiple parishes, giving them a wide geographical area to shepherd.

Here is a short slideshow that highlights the essential elements of a priestly schedule from Monday through Friday. This schedule does not represent all priests across the globe, of course. For example, priests serving in missionary territory have a much more difficult time serving their people and often spend days traveling to their parishioners in areas that might not be well connected in terms of transportation or accessibility. A priest in such an area may not even have a physical church building and might say Mass only once a year in an area because of the difficulty of traveling there.

Visit the slideshow below to discover what a working day looks like for a parish priest.

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