10 Tweets that prove that we don’t deserve Houston Astros fans


Sure, the Nationals’ improbable victory was inspiring, but take a look at the classy response from the losers.

The Washington Nationals made baseball history Wednesday night with their World Series victory of the Houston Astros, capping an improbable Cinderella story in which they went from having a 19-31 record on May 24 to toppling the mighty Houston Astros. 

Losing sometimes brings out the worst in people (see the now infamous treatment visiting Astros fans received at Yankee Stadium). While it must have been painful to lose four games at home in the World Series, especially for a team that had MLB’s best record at home (60-21), Houston Astros fans have shown themselves to be not just really good sports, but apparently really  decent people. Check out these 10 tweets that should make Houston proud:

An Astros fan who felt the need to take out an ad complimenting Nationals fans:

What happened when a Nationals fan met an Astros fan at the airport:

What it was like for a Nationals fan to meet  Astros fans at Nationals Park:

What it was like to be a Nationals fan in Houston’s Minute Maid Park:



And this …

And finally, this …