The top 12 saints according to Google searches

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Nope, not the 12 Apostles.

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There are thousands of canonized saints in the Catholic Church. However, the general public is only familiar with a small handful of them. These “popular” saints are, generally, those who have left a major impact on Western culture and society that is difficult to dismiss, setting spiritual, moral, and cultural trends that still shape our everyday lives in ways we might not necessarily be aware of. Most of the time, these saints -who might have been the founders or reformers of a given order, congregation, or a “secular” institution- hold special places in popular devotion. Even in our contemporary online search engines. 

Here is a slideshow highlighting the top 12 saints that people search for on the internet through Google. These saints appear to be always popular, no matter the month or year, and remain a permanent fixture in Western culture.

The list was compiled using Google data and organized as best as possible according to what was accessible at the time of publication.


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