5 Ways that dogs make life better … according to the Bible

Budimir Jevtic | Shutterstock

Scripture helps us realize why dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

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Anybody who has a dog — or has had one in their life — can appreciate the true blessing they are. While they need to be walked, fed, and house trained (a lot if you’ve got a really mischievous one!), they also bring a great deal of comfort and joy. Ever faithful, dependable, and fun to have around; science has proven that dogs are beneficial for our health. And long before that, the Bible recognized the value of our four-legged friends, too.

Although it’s true that dogs are treated with some disdain in the Bible, their merits shine in certain chapters, such as the parable of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16. So click on the slideshow to reveal what the Bible has to say about the benefits of having a canine friend … and have a look at some beautiful pictures of our Aleteia team’s dogs!







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