Knights of Columbus erect gravestone for aborted babies


The Knights have placed 137 such monuments in Catholic cemeteries across North America.

The Knights of Columbus, from Bellville, Ontario, have erected a gravestone as a monument to remember those who were not afforded a chance at life. Engraved on the tombstone, just under a carving of a baby — surrounded by the slogan, “unborn lives matter,”– is written, “In memory of all victims of abortion.”

The National Post reports that 18 members of the Knights and their families were present for the placement of the monument, at the St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery in southwest Belleville. The photographs taken from the event were put on Facebook, where they drew thousands of comments and reactions, the majority of which were positive. 

Knights of Columbus, Bellville - Facebook

Also written upon the grave marker, which does not rest over any human remains, is the phrase, “Life is sacred,” as well as a bible quote from Jeremiah 1:5:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I consecrated you.”

The placement of the tombstone has drawn the attention of pro-choice activists, who commenced a demonstration in the Bellville marketplace, which Quintenews reports was attended by about 30 people, mostly women. The assembled protesters said they felt the monument was a political statement.

David Cameron, grand knight of the Belleville chapter, disagreed with this notion. In an interview with the National Post, Cameron said he was not trying to spur controversy: 

“We’re not engaging in any sort of debate about it … This is our belief and we don’t feel we’ve done anything wrong … it speaks for itself.”

The Knights of Columbus have erected many similar gravestone monuments in the past. According to Cameron, there are 137 such headstones placed in Catholic cemeteries all across North America.