A prayer for all political leaders

BlueDesign | Shutterstock

Ask the King of kings to guide all political leaders in the ways of truth, beauty and goodness.

Throughout history we have always had a love-hate relationship with kings, queens and other political leaders. We all know that a leader needs to be appointed for the greater good of society, but it doesn’t take long to see the many faults of a leader.

It is a weighty task to rule a nation, state or local municipality and everyone is ready to tell that person exactly how they should conduct themselves. Besides doing what we can to influence political leaders in a positive way, one of the most forgotten tasks of the people is to pray for their leader.

Here is a short prayer adapted from the Golden Manual that invokes Jesus Christ, the King of kings, to help the particular leader with their governance, so that they rule not with an iron fist, but with a heart of gold.

O eternal King, have mercy on all political leaders; grant them those lights and graces that are necessary for the perfect discharge of their duty to their people; that they may be true servants to you, the King of kings, and virtuous examples. Have mercy on all those in power; that they may all fear you, love you, and serve you; and ever remember that they are your deputies, and ministers of your justice. Amen.