8 Quotes from Scripture to inspire your Thanksgiving Day


Placing God at the heart of your celebration will make it even more special.

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As you prepare for Thanksgiving next week, you might be thinking of all the things you’re grateful for, or you might be going through tough times and feel pretty negative about the holiday. Whether you feel tremendous gratitude for all your blessings, or you’re are in a bleak place trying hard to see the goodness around you, you can still make a choice to lift your heart to God in thanksgiving. Not only can He fill you with hope for eternal life, He can fill you with enough courage to face any difficulty you may be experiencing.

These quotes from Scripture are a great reminder of how important it is to always place the Lord at the forefront of our gratitude, and to praise and thank him even when times are difficult. So ponder these passage as you approach the Thanksgiving holiday to help make it even more meaningful.


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