Ask God to help purify your speech with this prayer


If you struggle keeping your words pure, ask God for help.

Depending on our background, keeping our words clean can be difficult. We may have developed many habits over the years where we didn’t watch our tongue, but now want to start a new chapter in our life.

Whatever the case may be, God can certainly help reform our speech and help us overcome any tendencies we may have.

Here is a short prayer from the Golden Manual that can be prayed on a daily basis to ask God for help in purifying our speech so that we may bring our words into accord with the practice of our faith.

O Divine Wisdom, the eternal Word of the Father. I humbly ask you, by your grace, to purge my lips from all wicked and unprofitable words, that my mouth may never open but to your praise and honor, and to the benefit of others. Amen.

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