Christmas Greetings from Aleteia!


Let us all invite the Holy Family to our home.

Pope Francis said that for his birthday, this past December 17, he was shown a unique Nativity scene, dubbed “Let Mum Rest.” In the depiction, which has been making the rounds this year on social media, Mary is sleeping and Joseph is holding a tired Baby with his arms outstretched in a typical newborn pose.

The pope said the image shows “the tenderness of a family, of a marriage.”

“How many of you have to share the night between husband and wife for the baby boy or girl who cries, cries, and cries,” he reflected.

This is, precisely, the message of the Nativity scene, the pope explained.

And we can also invite the Holy Family to our home, where there are joys and concerns, where every day we wake up, eat, and sleep close to our loved ones. The manger is a domestic Gospel.

So, we decided to use this image in the Christmas Card we share with you this year. May this be a token of our gratitude and appreciation, and of our best wishes for you and your family. Merry Christmas! 



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