Can fasting be an act of rebellion?


Let’s take fasting as a holy “declaration of independence” from over-attachment! What are your Lenten plans?

I wasn’t raised Catholic, and this whole fasting thing is something I’m still figuring out. So when I stumble on a passage that lets in a little light, I get really excited.

This gem from the Byzantine Catechism The Mystery Lived is making me actually look forward to our Church’s 40-day season of preparation for Easter, otherwise known as Lent:

Fasting, prayer and alms-giving are a “declaration of independence,” an act of rebellion against the slavery and over-attachment to the fallen world induced by our passions. They are a definite “NO” to being centered on ourselves, the daily rat race of modern life; they restore us to a proper relationship with God, others and ourselves. [The Mystery Lived. 2001; p. 35]

So what over-attachment are you going to rebel against this Lent?

For me, it’s chatting on the phone in the afternoon. That may sound silly, but my phone conversations with girlfriends while doing dishes have definitely been taking the place of some much-needed prayer time in my life. The other day it hit me that Jesus was standing by the sink, waiting patiently to spend time with me.

What will I talk to Him about this Lent? What will He say to me?

Suddenly, ditching the phone in the afternoon became super appealing – rebelling against my over-attachment to activity; replacing my gabbing with active listening;  embracing peace, quiet and contemplation.

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