Going to L.A.? Catholic travelers love these masterpieces in L.A.’s Getty Museum


The Getty’s collection of sacred art is not to be missed.

Located on top of a hill in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles, the J. Paul Getty Museum hosts a vast collection of paintings, drawings, manuscripts and artifacts from Europe as well as more contemporary pieces from all over the planet. It can be hard to navigate such a far reaching collection, so here is a short guide to the pieces of religious art that should not be missed by Catholic visitors.

1.  Gentile Da Fabriano, The Coronation of The Virgin (1420) 14th-century painter Gentile da Fabriano was one of the most important exponents of International Gothic style, a method characterized by intense colors, elongated figures and smooth lines. In this panel painting from about 1420, da Fabriano exhibits fine craftsmanship in the use of gold leaf and intricate patterns. This results in a solemn tone as Christ is depicted placing a gold crown upon Mary’s head. Originally this panel used to be double-sided and was used during public parades that celebrated the Virgin Mary in Italy.

Coronation of the Virgin
Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program
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