Atlanta man installs portable washing stations for the homeless


One man wants to ensure the homeless stand a chance of avoiding coronavirus.

In the fight against coronavirus we’ve all taken to washing our hands meticulously to follow guidelines issued by global health organizations. People have been scrambling for hand sanitizer and, with stocks running low, they’ve even started making their own. Yet, it’s a luxury not afforded to all.

As Terrence Lester in Atlanta shared with Shoppe Black, the homeless don’t have access to running water, let alone soap. These more vulnerable members of society would have even less of a chance of avoiding contracting the virus and could potentially spread it among their community and beyond.

We just raised enough to create 20 more stations and want to get these to people in surrounding areas in Atlanta or…

Geplaatst door Love Beyond Walls op Vrijdag 20 maart 2020

So with that in mind Lester wanted to assemble portable wash stations in parts of the city often frequented by the homeless with the help of the charity he works with Love Beyond Walls and donations.

Inspired by his own time on the streets as a teen, Lester remembered how difficult it was to access washing facilities. “When I was experiencing homelessness being out there, you would have to go a mile or two to wash your hands or go to the bathroom.”

Planting more sinks!.If washing your hands is a good way to protect yourself, we’re going to ensure people without…

Geplaatst door Love Beyond Walls op Donderdag 19 maart 2020

To help them face this challenge, Lester contacted RV manufacturers and was quickly donated 15 portable stations that each hold from 5 to 10 gallons of water. He then set about putting them in areas of cities where the homeless might wish to stop and wash their hands.

Lester hopes his initiative will spread throughout the country so these more marginalized members of society will get access to get fresh running water and a have a fighting chance against the disease.

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