Teens create care packages for shut-in elderly during quarantine

Matty Merry and Sam Hornsby

Two boys couldn’t bear to see the elderly in their community go without, so decided to lend a helping hand.

Two young men from South Yorkshire in England are going out of their way to make sure vulnerable seniors in their community are not left struggling during the coronavirus lock-down.

Sam and Matty, both 17, were inspired to lend a helping hand when they saw an elderly person struggling to find groceries in their local supermarket. The boys couldn’t bear to think of their own grandparents, or anybody else’s grandparents, being in a similar situation, according to the report on the BBC.

So the two teens took it upon themselves to make up care packages with the essentials that are fast becoming difficult to find, such as pain relievers, toilet paper, and oatmeal. The pair then go out into their community to distribute the packages.

In a time when adolescents are often perceived as self-centered, the compassion of these two boys towards vulnerable members of society clearly shows that in challenging times there will always be those who step up and put others first, no matter their age.