9 Hilarious memes of our furry friends in quarantine

Pixel-Shot | Shutterstock

We can always rely on our family pets for a bit of fun, even in tough times.

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As most of the world adapts to a new life in quarantine, beloved pets are providing a major source of comfort and are being called upon to play an even bigger role in family life. They give endless cuddles and emotional support when you want to pull your hair out, and they might even be the only companion for many who live alone.

But let’s not forget that our faithful pets have also had their own lives turned upside down. After spending the day in a quiet home all to themselves, their spaces have now been invaded by busy home workers and kids adapting to life outside of school. And all of this change has provided their owners with opportunities to get creative and share how their family pets provide welcome comic relief during these uncertain times. So click on the slideshow to get a glimpse of quarantine from an animal’s point of view …

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