Neighborhood’s quarantine dance party goes viral


These families all came out to join the fun, and it’s already received over 2.7 million views!

“Fun” must be a requirement for Rachel Smith LaComb’s housing development, because she and her neighbors are certainly showing us how!. In an April 10 video she posted on her Facebook page, entire families — moms, dads, kids, babies and grandparents — are dancing in their driveways to Justin Timberlake’s popular song “Can’t Stop the Feelin’.”
LaComb’s camera shakes a little (probably from laughing) as she films from her car’s open sun roof window while she tours her cul-de-sac. Nine different families, obviously prepared ahead of time, each take a turn to perform their choreographed dance moves when she slows in front of each home.
The video’s received over 2.7 million views and is accompanied by LaComb’s simple description:  Neighborhood Quarantine Flashmob — My neighbors are great sports! Thanks for playing along!
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