9 Reasons why your kids might be thriving in quarantine


This moment in history might prove to be your child’s happiest.

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For many parents, the very thought of quarantine triggered panic. The idea of doing school at home, and maybe working at the same time, while keeping kids happy and safe, seemed a tall order. Those first few weeks as families adjusted seemed to stretch lots of us to our limits — and for many families this may still be the case, especially when facing financial hardship, job loss, illness, or domestic trouble.
But as the dust settles in homes across the world, many moms and dads are noticing something else: some kids seem to be thriving in lockdown. And this observation is important. Before our kids start to venture back to a semblance of normality, we can resolve to remember some lessons and make some changes: Positive behaviors from quarantine can hopefully become part of our future. And maybe this moment, especially for many of our kids, will go down in history as one of their happiest times.
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