Doctor dad dresses as dinosaur to visit family


When the pandemic kept this husband and father from seeing his loved ones, he found an ingenious solution.

Dr. Juan Lambert is one of the many healthcare professionals on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 in Brazil. He works in a first aid unit in the city of São Sebastião, on the coast of the State of São Paulo in southern Brazil.

Due to the risk of catching and transmitting the virus, the doctor has been in isolation, and had not seen his four-year-old son and his wife Maryane, who is five months pregnant, for 35 days. Maryane and Lucca went to live with her parents, while Juan remained alone at home.

He missed his family so much that he had to find a safe way to see his loved ones again, and came up with an unusual solution. He bought an adult-size dinosaur costume, sterilized it, and put on a face mask. With a lot of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, he went to visit his family, enduring temperatures reaching 104ºF.

Only then was it possible for him to give everyone a loving and safe hug.

“My son’s hug was the fuel I needed to continue fighting the coronavirus,” the doctor said.

At first, little Lucca was frightened when he saw the huge dinosaur coming in the gate, but he then realized that his beloved father was inside that disguise. Although he’s small, he understands why the family is temporarily separated.

“My daddy is there to kill the coronavirus and he can’t stay here with us. Kill that virus now and come to us, Daddy,” Lucca said.

On his Instagram profile, Dr. Lambert summarized the meeting saying: “An indescribable feeling. Thank you, my God.”

The meeting with the Daddysaurus lasted only 40 minutes so as not to draw a crowd in the neighborhood.

Here is the video shot by Maryane:

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