Watch these adorable twins with Down syndrome take “the temptation challenge”

Ollie & Cameron

The viral video of these fun twins will bring so much joy to your day!

You may have heard of the latest challenge sweeping the internet: the temptation challenge. It invites parents to sit their children down in front of a delicious treat and ask them to hold off from eating it until they return to the room — the parent then goes off for an amount of time and leaves their phone filming to see how their child copes. Predictably, it’s a challenge that has had some mixed results.

One of the most adorable offerings shared on social media was of 7-year-old Scottish twins, Ollie and Cameron. Their mom leaves what looks like a chocolate Easter egg shell on a plate in front of the two boys and over the following minutes the two boys nearly resist temptation on a couple of occasions but the one thing from stopping them is each other. When Ollie is about to lose his resolve, Cameron reminds him of their mother’s words of warning. And when Cameron finds resisting chocolate a hard task, Ollie steps in to encourage him to wait.

From the delightful chatter between the boys to the end result, this video is irresistibly cute.

Their Facebook page is also full of other endearing videos that their mom has posted since the boys were newborns. The popular posts started not longer after the boys birth to counter the outdated perceptions from some people concerning Down syndrome, including medical professionals. “We wanted to provide people the opportunity to realise that people with DS are not defined by their chromosome count!” explains their mom on the page. 

Temptation challenge 🤩🍫🤤

We jumped on the bandwagon with doing the temptation challenge this morning. This is possibly my favourite video of them ever 🤣🤣Prepare to be entertained 🙈

Geplaatst door Ollie & Cameron op Donderdag 14 mei 2020


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