Overcome your stubbornness with this prayer

GrooveZ | Shutterstock

Stubbornness isn’t always bad, but sometimes we need God’s help to soften our heart.

At times it can be beneficial to be stubborn, as it means we remain steadfast in our beliefs and are unwilling to budge. However, other times our stubbornness can get in the way, especially when God wants to speak to us and lead us down a different path.

For those times, we need to recognize our own faults and ask God for help, giving him an opening into our stubborn heart.

Here is a short prayer adapted from the Golden Manual that lifts our hearts to God, being honest and transparent with who we are and who we want to become.

Come, O Lord, and sink into my heart. Purify and cleanse me from all sin, and sanctify my soul. Wash away its defilements, moisten its dryness, heal its wounds, subdue its stubbornness, melt its coldness, and correct its wanderings. Make me truly humble and resigned, that I may be pleasing to you, and you may abide with me for ever. Give me strength, bestow upon me a right faith, a firm hope, and a sincere and perfect charity; and grant that I may ever do your most gracious will. Amen.

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