Ask St. Raphael to protect your health while traveling


The next time you travel for work or for a vacation, ask St. Raphael to preserve your health.

Traveling always has its challenges and risks, but in the present time, those risks have only gone up. While some are comfortable with always staying at home, many of us have to travel, whether it is for work or simply to take a break or vacation.

Whatever your situation may be, St. Raphael the Archangel is the perfect intercessor!

St. Raphael is known as a patron saint for travelers, as well as a patron saint of healing. This is based on his biblical appearance in the book of Tobit. The name Raphael in Hebrew can be rendered as “God heals,” “Divine Healer,” or “Remedy of God.”

Here is a prayer adapted from the Golden Manual that invokes St. Raphael’s protection while traveling, specifically to preserve your good health.

May the almighty and merciful God direct us in the way of peace and prosperity; and may the Angel Raphael accompany us in our journey, that we may return to our home with joy, in peace, safety and good health.

Give ear, O Lord, to our supplications, and favorably direct your servants in the way of your salvation; that amidst all the changes of this our life and pilgrimage, we may ever be protected by your help. Amen.

V. Let us go forth in peace.
R. In the name of the Lord.

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