Prayer for knowledge and wisdom in spiritual matters

Yuriy Seleznev | Shutterstock

If you are feeling inadequate in your spiritual life, pray this prayer for an increase in knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of spiritual knowledge available to us. Especially if we have never received any religious instruction, we may not know where to start or how to begin.

One of the best things to do is pray to God for help. We can ask him for an increase in knowledge and wisdom in spiritual matters, so that we may know what to do and where to go.

Here is a prayer adapted from the Family Prayer Book that asks God for better knowledge and understanding.

Almighty God, bestow upon me, such ability and hope in study, and in the improvement of my mind, as may prepare me to take my place in the world, not only without shame, but in a manner that may reflect your greater glory. Give me understanding: give me eagerness, method, and perseverance in the acquirement of knowledge; so that I may be qualified to advance myself and to exalt your holy name, my God.

Open my understanding, that it may behold the beauty of your doctrine, and of that gracious providence which has appointed to me my walk in life.

May I learn to praise you, my God, and to acknowledge your goodness with an enlightened and well taught mind, with a pure heart, and with a grateful and heaven-aspiring soul. Amen.

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