This unusual act of kindness will surely lift your spirits


When a theft becomes a beautiful reminder of all that is good in the world.

Acts of kindness are wonderful in so many ways. While they benefit the recipient, they’re also a great reminder of all the beautiful gestures that are taking place in the world — and with the media full of COVID-19 related news, these selfless acts are increasingly important for everybody’s morale. This was just the case when Steve Farmer shared a recent uplifting event on his Facebook page that happened to him.

Farmer posted how he’d gone to work after the quarantine was lifted and had unwittingly forgotten his work pass. As a result he had to lock his bike just outside an underground station next to his offices. When he returned to retrieve his bike in the evening he found just his lock that had been cut and the bike was missing.

Back to work today, forgot my pass so locked bike outside Cannon Street station. Left work at 6pm to find just the cut…

Geplaatst door Steve Farmer op Maandag 29 juni 2020

As is so often the case with stolen bikes in cities, the London worker thought he’d never see his bike again. However, as he went to inquire at the station about any potential cameras that had filmed the robbery, a rail worker, Abdul Muneeb, rushed over to him and asked him to unlock the broken bike lock to prove he was the owner. Farmer then explained how Muneeb said “‘I have your bike,’ with a smile I will never forget!!”

With the lock undone, Muneeb told Farmer how he’d spotted someone cutting the bike lock with bolt cutters earlier on during his shift. He stopped the man from stealing the bike and then wheeled it to safety. Muneeb waited four hours after his shift had ended so he could see the bike returned to its rightful owner.

As Farmer quite rightly posted: “The world needs more Abduls, he is a legend of a man and a credit to his employer.”


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