7 Tips if you’re marrying during a pandemic

Ivan Motovilov | Shutterstock

A smaller event doesn’t have to mean fewer wonderful memories.

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Although many couples have postponed their big day until next year, some have decided to radically change their plans so they can be joined in holy matrimony. And these changes of plans, which for many will have been met with great disappointment, are a real testimony to what marriage is truly about.

Obviously there’s a lot of joy to be had by bringing together a couple’s families, but there’s something to be said of a ceremony that focuses purely on the newlyweds and the sacrament they are about to enter into. By marrying without the excitement of a big celebration, couples are making great sacrifices to be united as one in God’s eyes. And that is in fact a beautiful way to start married life.

Since marrying in a time of pandemic will probably mean a few practical changes, here are some useful tips if you’re opting to say “I do” with only a small group in attendance.
















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