Prayer for a friend in need

P Deliss | GODONG

When your friend is in need, pray this prayer to ask God’s blessing upon them.

We all want the best for our friends, but sometimes we cannot help them. We may be separated by distance, or they may have a problem that we simply are unable to solve.

Whatever it is, prayer is always an option, and we can ask for God’s blessing upon them. Here is a prayer adapted from a Manual of Prayers that can be said for any occasion when your friend is in need.

Preserve, O Lord, my friend(s) N. N., for whose health, happiness, and prosperity I humbly offer up these my prayers. Give them grace to correspond to that state and condition of life in which you have placed them; direct them in all their ways; defend them against all their enemies; and remove, according to your mercy, the heavy burden of their suffering. Give them, I humbly ask you, patience in suffering, resignation to your will, and perseverance in your service. Amen.

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