Watch the incredible video of a baby born during the Beirut explosion


The footage captures the beauty of life among the chaos and tragedy.

Preparing to give birth is stressful enough, let alone doing it in the chaos of an terrifying explosion. But just as one mother-to-be, Emmanuelle, was being prepped in a labor room at St. George’s hospital in Beirut, the explosion happened, making the birth process all the more challenging.

In a video made by her husband, Edmond Khnaisser, and shared with the BBC, you can see the moment the blast impacted the hospital, leaving Emmanuelle and the medical team covered in debris as the ceiling collapsed on them.

Thankfully, Edmond was on hand to get his wife to safety before returning to the room and helping out the doctors and nurses. And as the proud daddy explained, his wife didn’t just have to cope with the stress of the explosion, but also going through natural childbirth as baby George made his way into the chaotic scene just one and a half hours later.

Joyfully, the gorgeous bundle and his mom were safe and sound, while the labor ward lay in ruins. Although it was a traumatic birth for Emmanuelle, baby George’s arrival shows how in the midst of chaos and disaster there is always life; and with life there is always hope.



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