Prayer asking for consolation from God

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Ask God to wipe away your tears and grant you peace and consolation.

There are many times in our lives when it is difficult to move forward. We may be oppressed by a tragic event, or simply stressed-out by all the pressures of life.

Whatever it is, we need to turn to God and ask him for consolation.

Below is a short prayer from the Golden Manual that asks God for comfort and peace.

Jesus, comfort me, and give me grace to place my chief, my only joy and happiness in you.

Send me heavenly meditations, spiritual sweetness, and fervent desires of your glory; flood my soul with the contemplation of heaven, where I shall everlastingly dwell with you.

Bring often to my remembrance your unspeakable goodness, your gifts, and your great kindness shown to me.

And when you bring to my mind the sad remembrance of my sins, whereby I have so unkindly offended you, comfort me with the assurance of obtaining your grace, by the spirit of perfect penance, purging away my guilt, and preparing me for your kingdom. Amen.