The incredible way one dad gets his daughter to put total trust in him


In this viral video, a father is so reassuring that his young child takes a literal leap of faith.

One of the most important roles of fathers is to engender trust and confidence in their children. It’s not only vital for the father-child relationship, it’s a way that dads help children understand the love that God the Father has for each of us, and how that love can be trusted. This incredible video shared by Lawrence B. Jones III is a visible reminder of what can be achieved when trust is the cornerstone of a relationship.

In the video, a caring (and very athletic) dad is practicing some acrobatic moves with his talented (and also very athletic) daughter. At the beginning, the daughter makes a little mistake that causes her to hurt herself. The dad deals with the situation perfectly.

He takes the time to check that she is okay, explains why she hurt herself and reassures her that he has her back. Such is her confidence in him that the youngster immediately pulls off some incredible moves, made all the more beautiful by the fact that her daddy is her pillar of strength. May we be like this with God!

Take a minute to enjoy the video:

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