Inspiring couple radically change their wedding plans to serve others

Tyler and Melanie Tapajna

The newlyweds donate their food to a shelter and even spend their wedding day serving up the food.

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This year has certainly been a challenge for many people: plans and dreams have been put on hold or altered dramatically. And yet with these changes there have been some wonderful stories of people taking their disappointment and turning it into good.

This was recently the case for newlyweds Tyler and Melanie Tapajna from Ohio. The couple had planned to marry in August with 150 guests witnessing their union. However, with the pandemic they chose a smaller wedding surrounded by their loved ones. The only dilemma they were then faced with was what to do with all the food they’d ordered for the reception.

The kind-hearted couple decided to donate the food to Laura’s Home, a woman and children’s shelter in Cleveland, Ohio, run by the City Mission.

Geplaatst door The City Mission op Zaterdag 15 augustus 2020

The bride shared with CNN “we were actually kind of excited I think more about donating the food than being stressed during the wedding.”

And even more impressively, the bride and groom decided to go to the shelter in all their wedding finery to serve up the food to the 135 woman and children themselves.

Geplaatst door The City Mission op Zaterdag 15 augustus 2020

“It was really unbelievable. especially when you think of many of our clients, the women and kids that are in our building, possibly have never been at a wedding like that before,” explained Rich Trickel, the CEO of The City Mission.

While wearing hairnets and masks, the Tapajnas happily served up fried chicken, green beans, salad and mac and cheese to those in need. While it may not have been their dream wedding, it is a wonderful start to married life: being united in serving others.

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