End your day with this prayer asking forgiveness from God


It is important to recognize your faults each day and ask God for grace to rise above them.

The only way we can progress in the spiritual life is to recognize our faults and failings. If we think we are perfect, then we will never move forward in the progress of virtue. We will simply stay where we are and be content with our state in life.

This is an unhealthy position to be in, as God asks us to follow after him, but if we stay in one place, we will never go anywhere.

Below is a short prayer from the Golden Manual that can be prayed at the end of the day that asks God for forgiveness, recognizing our faults and desiring to do better tomorrow.

O Father of mercies who desires not the death of sinners; look upon me, a miserable sinner, according to the multitude of your mercies. I acknowledge and confess, and am heartily sorry for all the sins of my past life, and of this day in particular. I cast myself at your feet, and ask you to cover all my sins with that infinite love with which you have loved us from all eternity. Mercifully forgive me whatsoever sins I have this day, or heretofore, committed against you, my neighbor, or myself.

O Almighty God! I firmly resolve, here in thy presence, and before the whole company of heaven, to live more exactly in conformity to your will. I resolve to keep a more strict watch over myself; to correct my faults and evil habits; to attend more diligently to my duties; and to avoid more carefully all sin, and all temptations and occasions of sin.

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