7 Celebrities who let their dogs take center stage


These gorgeous hounds are just as newsworthy as their famous owners.

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This hasn’t been the easiest year, to put it mildly, and lots of people have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Yet, during this COVID-19 pandemic there have been a few of God’s creatures who’ve fared pretty well.

With so many people spending time at home, family pets have been the lucky recipients of lots of love and attention, with more people choosing to adopt or buy a pet. And owners want to share all the fun and love they’re having with their four-legged friends in lockdown on social media, with posts full of adorable and creative pics of dogs in their element. It’s been the light-hearted relief we’ve all needed.

Celebrities, too, have been sharing how their beloved dogs are bringing them joy. Behind the cameras these well-known men and women are just like every other animal lover: they appreciate how dogs really are “man’s best friend.” So take a look at these celebs and their furry companions to end your week with a little smile!




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