8 Quotations from classic literature to inspire you as a mom as kids go back to school

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As our kids hit the books again, take a step back to remember what’s most important about parenting with these wise words from good books.

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As kids return to school this fall, many parents are understandably struggling with difficult decisions about how and where to educate their children. In-person school, distance learning, and homeschooling each present challenges, and it’s no wonder many parents are second-guessing themselves. It helps to take a step back and remember that just loving your children is the single most important factor in their happiness and long-term success. Even if life still looks very different from normal, you―yes, you!―are doing a fantastic job mothering them.

In the spirit of getting “back to books” at the start of the school year, here are 8 moving quotations from classic literature to remind you of your irreplaceable and vital role in your child’s life. You desire what’s best for them; you are doing your best to make the right decision for them. Hopefully these wise words can help you detach from the concerns of the present and remind you of the greatest parenting truth: As long as your children know that you love them, nothing else matters as much. 


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