9 Names for autumn babies that are rich in spiritual and seasonal meaning

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The list includes some unusual but strong names for a baby born at this beautiful time of year.

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Fall is a strange season: we might associate it with a sort of finality as trees lose their leaves and we’re left with bare branches Yet, there’s also a feeling of life as the air grows crisp and we harvest crops that will sustain us over the winter months. For any parent welcoming a child this fall, you might want to choose a name that reflects the enthusiasm we feel for life and the sense of gratitude we often have at this time of year.

While there are many unusual and descriptive names that sum up the season beautifully, we found some that have a touch of autumn as well as some spiritual meaning. For those who don’t know their baby’s gender, we have options for both, but be prepared … they’re not the usual names you often see today.







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