10 Quotes from Scripture to inspire parents as the primary educators of their children

remote learning
Fabio Principe | Shutterstock

As tired parents try to stay motivated and help their kids, we look to the Bible for a little encouragement.

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Many parents at the moment are struggling … with their child’s distance education, or homeschooling, or complying with so many restrictions and rules at school, or just the transition to back-to-school more generally and the fact that COVID-19 is still presenting us with many challenges.

To give parents a little boost in their vocation as overseers of their children’s education — as well as in the battle to keep their sanity — here’s a look at what the Bible has to say about instructing our kids. These inspired words can help us remember that instructing our children  — whatever form that takes — is important to their development and happiness, setting them up to become mature and wise adults.


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