Kind-hearted dad builds desks to help kids with distance learning


With the generous donations of his local supermarket, Mitchell Couch is giving kids a chance to focus on school.

A kind-hearted dad is using his carpentry skills to provide underprivileged kids in his community with much-needed desks.

Mitchell Couch, from Lemoore, California, noticed how tricky it was to provide two of his kids with an adequate work area for distance learning. With the youngsters working at the kitchen table, things got a little chaotic around mealtimes. As many child experts state, a desk is important for kids to appreciate that it’s time to work and to focus.

Luckily, the former carpenter had the right skills to create two foldable work stations for his kids to do their work in peace, with a little compartment to store away their materials. “Right away, my wife and I noticed they were more focused,” the dad of four shared with Today.

Couch decided to share his new desk model on a YouTube video, and his post gave all the details on measurements and materials that would enable people to provide their kids with a designated workspace for $20.

The video caught the eye of Couch’s local discount supermarket, Grocery Outlet, who contacted the talented dad to ask if he would build more for the kids in the area that needed a desk if they provided the materials.

The dad jumped at the chance and initially provided the store with the 25 they asked for. With the desks donated to local stores to hand out to families, they requested more. Couch has made a total of 40 desks so far with the full support of his wife — she actually got involved in the project, too, and made a couple of desks while her husband was out and about.

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I have to tell you about some amazing people in our community. The owners of the local Grocery Outlet saw my diy desk video and asked me if i could make some desks for them. They wanted to donate them to the local schools for the kids who are in need because of distant learning. I didn't hesitate to help them out. They asked for 25 desks to start but the need was great so we upped it to 35!!! My wonderful wife helped me through the whole thing and even surprised me with four desks she made while I was at work. The owners wanted to keep it low key but I just have to let others know how much local business means to a community like ours. Thank you Karin and David for being wonderful people. #supportsmallbusiness #groceryoutlet

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With the generous donation from Karin and David from the Grocery Outlet — who wanted to keep their kind gesture below the radar — Couch has been able to ensure that kids in his community will be able to manage distant learning with a little more ease. He wants to be able to build another 50 himself, but he’s delighted to see the interest his video has garnered.






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