8 Ways to deal with the fact that your days of having babies are over

Dejan Stanic Micko | Shutterstock

Many women struggle with this transition, so here are a few helpful tips.

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After four kids you might think that I’d had my fair dose of pregnancies, childbirth, and sleepless nights. And while it’s true that going through all that again would put me in a tailspin at my age, the fact that I know it can’t happen now leaves me feeling a little bit sad.

Like many other women who’ve packed up and passed on all of their maternity clothes and baby essentials, there’s a huge difference in thinking your baby days may be over, and knowing you won’t have any more children. The fact that you’ll never have a newborn again, or that you’ll never nurse a tiny bundle (although, of course, for some moms that’s still not always easy or possible), or you’ll never go through those baby firsts ever again. is hard for many of us.

So to help take the next steps of your life with grace and joy, here are a few things to consider:





















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