Miracle twins surprise everyone after doctors said child wouldn’t survive mom’s COVID coma


There’s a double-whammy of delight in this heart-warming story.

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When a pregnant Irish woman was rushed into hospital with pneumonia last April, things went downhill very rapidly. Doctors discovered she’d also contracted COVID-19 and was having great difficulties breathing, according to the Irish Post.

Doctors were forced to place Danielle Martin into an induced coma, sharing with her fiance that their unborn child would need a miracle to survive. Well, a miracle happened. After 10 days of ventilation, Martin’s health began to improve. Doctors were then able to share with the couple that not only was their unborn child thriving, but there were actually two little ones who’d helped their mom battle the disease.

Now, in the midst of a second wave, it’s wonderful to hear that the couple has welcomed their beautiful little girls, Ava and Amelia, on October 7.

The delighted dad, Bryan Green, was quick to share the happy news on Facebook with friends and family:

The two little miracles look the picture of health and mom, Danielle seems to be thriving, with the three leaving hospital just the day after the delivery. And in a sweet little snap of his “princesses” the girls are clearly going to be “best friends for life,” as their daddy shared.

It’s already lovely to hear how these babies managed to defy the odds, but it’s a double delight looking at these two little miracles safely united with their family.


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