Where special needs kids are considered cursed, Tim Tebow brings hope

Sarah Beth Turner | Tim Tebow Foundation
“Why in the world is this guy carrying these kids who are worthless?”

According to Mike Wilson, co-founder of the ministry MyLIFEspeaks, that’s what the citizens of a village in Haiti were asking themselves when they saw American sports star and TV broadcaster Tim Tebow carrying disabled children into a special party called “Night to Shine.” It’s sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation to give a prom night experience centered on God’s love to special needs youth, ages 14 and up.

The kids are all dressed up and the venue is full of decorations and music, piquing the interest of the locals, who believe that children born with disabilities are cursed and a burden. But now, as Wilson says, they saw an American treating each individual child as being worthy of God’s love. And the villagers themselves found their views about these young people changed.

Missy Wilson, Mike’s wife and myLIFEspeaks co-founder, noted, “That night brought out so much dignity for all of those kids in the village that had never had that dignity – and it was coming from their peers and their neighbors…It’s transformed moms into looking at their kids differently, so it truly has changed the dynamic of how our village is going to be a ripple effect out to other parts of Haiti…”

For more details about this powerful story, watch the video below:


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